Restroom Displays

If you own a high-traffic restaurant or bar and you'd like to generate a little extra income without any effort on your part, this program is for you!

The latest trend in advertising is restroom advertising. It generates income for the restaurant or bar and doesn't use up valuable wall space. You've got to admit, it's definitely a captive audience! Our high quality, full color displays really dress up a wall! The displays measure 20"x26" and are constructed of a metal frame with thick plexiglass so they're durable and unbreakable. The ads are full color printed on photo paper and are matted. There are four 7.5"x10.5" ads per frame.

Typically, we mount the men's room frames over the urinals, and the ladies room frames on the inside of the stall doors.

The ad displays are sold in person by one of our professional representatives, and you can let them know who you'd like them to contact first. We also have a dining program designed to increase your regular customer base.

A percentage of the sales goes directly to the restaurant or bar owner, and is paid in full at delivery time, which is usually 4-6 weeks.





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